La Table by Celine: Exquisite Food Art That Brings Nature to the Plate

La Table by Celine: Exquisite Food Art That Brings Nature to the Plate

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Popular food stylist and blogger Celine Rousseau invites fans to bring her appealing, whimsical food art to life in their own kitchens.


On her Instagram account, Celine Rousseau has posted nearly a thousand images of epicurean creations whimsically styled in the shapes of daisies, cherry blossoms, tulips, roses, bees, seashells, fish, and leaves. Now for the first time she shows readers how to create their own edible art, drawing from her most popular posts as well as some completely new ideas.
The sixty recipes in this book include sweet and savory meals inspired by French, Italian, Korean, and Japanese cuisine--and turn everyday favorites such as pizza, sandwiches, cakes and cookies into fun, playful celebrations of nature, holidays, and the seasons. Celine presents her take on dishes such as apple pie, macarons, sushi, and focaccia, as well as sharing traditional Korean and Japanese dishes like bingsu and okonomiyaki. Every chapter tells Celine's personal story, reflecting her life in Asia, America and Europe, her passion for good food, and her love of the natural world. With her step-by-step instructions, readers will be able to recreate Celine's edible gems as well as her beautiful tablescapes and tasty treats that will impress family and friends every day of the year.


224 pages, Hardcover, May 2024.

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