Caspar David Friedrich: Masters of Art by Michael Robinson

Caspar David Friedrich: Masters of Art by Michael Robinson

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The hauntingly beautiful work of Germany's most renowned Romantic painter springs to life in the pages of this beautifully produced overview featuring famous and lesser-known works in full and in detail.


Considered one of the most important figures in German art of the nineteenth century, Caspar David Friedrich is best known for his dramatic and emotional paintings, which often feature contemplative figures, sweeping landscapes, and an emphasis on the sublime and the spiritual.


This book takes a chronological approach to Friedrich's career, beginning with his early years producing traditional religious and historical scenes. It explores his innovative use of light and color, and his unprecedented treatment of the landscape as a living, dynamic entity, rather than simply as a backdrop or setting for other subjects.
The beautifully reproduced works and details in this volume help readers appreciate the astounding qualities of Friedrich's works: his palette of muted, atmospheric colors; swirling clouds, dramatic mountains, and turbulent seas; and subtle changes in light and shadow that occur throughout the day.


Readers will come away with a renewed appreciation for Friedrich's portrayals of the natural world and the unique and provocatively emotive qualities of his work.


112 pages, Softcover, January 2024.

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