Keith Tyson: Iterations and Variations

Keith Tyson: Iterations and Variations

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This definitive volume on artist Keith Tyson's thirty- year career examines all aspects of his artistic endeavors. 

British Turner Prize–winning artist Keith Tyson is known for a distinctive and diverse body of work, including drawing, painting, installation, and sculpture. Showing a wide range of influences extending from mathematics and science through to poetry and mythology, he has an interest in how art emerges from the combination of information systems and physical processes that surround us every day. For over thirty years, Tyson has probed, dissected, explored, and questioned reality. Not fixed to one artistic style, Tyson's mission is to challenge himself and the audience, while working with diverse materials―paint, clay, metal, resin―to question our knowledge of the world we perceive as real, and art's role in representing it.

Iterations and Variations  offers an overview of the artist's work in many media, with gallery installation views. Featuring 400 illustrations, and contributions by a number of leading critics, this is an edifying look at the acclaimed artist. 


 392 pages,  Hardcover, May 2022. 

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