Curating Art Now (Hot Topics in the Art World)

Curating Art Now (Hot Topics in the Art World)

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Curating Art Now is a timely reflection on the practice of curating and the role of the art curator following a period of rapid change. Curating has a pivotal position in the art world today: it is embedded in the identity and expertise of the museum and plays an ever-increasing role in the commercial art sector too. Current curatorial practice encompasses a wide range of activities, from the care of collections to the presentation of large-scale contemporary biennials. Curating has also migrated into the fields of fashion, music, and lifestyle, where the concept of 'curated content' is applied to everything from sneakers to holidays. Given curating's ubiquity as a term and expansion as a practice, what is the state of the curatorial profession today? Lilian Cameron's lively review considers the recent phenomenon of the artist-as-curator and its impact on the traditional curatorial role; speculates on the future of the global super-curator; assesses the opportunities and challenges presented by digital curating and online exhibitions; and discusses curatorial engagement with questions of diversity, accessibility, and decolonisation.


104 pages, Hardcover, September 2022.

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