Censored Art Today (Hot Topics in the Art World)

Censored Art Today (Hot Topics in the Art World)

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Censored Art Today is an accessible, informed analysis of the debates raging around censorship of art and so-called 'cancel culture, ' focusing on who the censors are and why they are clamping down on forms of artistic expression worldwide. Art censorship is a centuries-old issue which appears to be on the rise in the 21st century--why is this the case? Gareth Harris expertly analyses the different contexts in which artists, museums, and curators face restrictions today, investigating political censorship in China, Cuba, and the Middle East; the suppression of LGBTQ+ artists in 'illiberal democracies'; the algorithms policing art online; Western museums and 'cancel culture'; and the narratives around 'problematic' monuments.


104 pages, Hardcover, December 2022.

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