Cecil Beaton: The Royal Portraits

Cecil Beaton: The Royal Portraits

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Cecil Beaton: The Royal Portraits looks back in time to tell a very modern tale: the creation of a public image. Offering a fresh appraisal of Beaton's portraits of the British royal family, the book explores not only the finished images but also the sittings in which they were created, revealing Beaton's central role in shaping the public face of the House of Windsor and the ways in which he collaborated with his subjects.

Organized chronologically, from the 1930s to the 1970s, each of the book's four chapters comprises an introductory essay, plates with extended captions, and one or two in-depth analyses of a particular sitting. Throughout, a variety of contextual material--contact sheets, test shots, outtakes, sketches, letters, journals, tear sheets--helps build a detailed picture of Beaton's methods, the relationships he developed with his sitters, and how the portraits were received.

Drawing on the Victoria and Albert Museum's unparalleled collection of Beaton's photographs, this volume will appeal not only to those interested in the photographer and his work, but also to anyone for whom the distinction between the private world and the public face of the royal family remains a source of fascination.


2.06 cms H x 30.1 cms L x 25.25 cms W, 240 pages, Hardcover, November 2023.

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