Belfast: The Story of a City and Its People

Belfast: The Story of a City and Its People

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A lively and comprehensive history of Belfast--covering the highs and lows of a resilient city


Modern Belfast is a beautiful city with a vibrant tradition of radicalism, industry, architectural innovation, and cultural achievement. But the city's many qualities are all too frequently overlooked, its image marred by association with the political violence of the Troubles.


Feargal Cochrane tells the story of his home city, overturning this long-standing stereotype to uncover the real Belfast. From its emergence as a maritime port to its heyday as a center for the linen industry and crucible of liberal radicalism in the late eighteenth century, through to the famous shipyards where the Titanic was built, Belfast has long been a vibrant hub of innovation. Cochrane's book offers a new perspective on this fascinating history, demonstrating how religion, conflict, culture, and politics have shaped the way people think, act, and vote in the city--and how Belfast's past continues to shape its present and future.

 320 pages, Hardcover, July 2023.

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