Beauty of China: Show the World

Beauty of China: Show the World

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Zhu Zheqin (also known as Dadawa), is considered China's first crossover artist in the fields of music, design, and production

Explores her efforts to support music and handicrafts created by ethnic minorities in China through her KANJIAN brand

Zhu Zheqin, also known as Dadawa, is a well-known Chinese singer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She has made significant contributions to Chinese culture, not only in her internationally distributed music albums, but also as the 2009 Chinese Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Development Program. In her travels throughout China she met many local artisans whose work had no platform from which to reach the wider world.

This well-illustrated book tells her story, and that of the KANJIAN Creation design label she founded in 2009, through which she has discovered and encouraged young Chinese craftsmen and provided them with new opportunities and exposure. In her work to sustain and develop local talent, she has been central to the reshaping of the Chinese aesthetic of contemporary design and culture.


200 pages, Softcover, December 2022.

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