Bangkok Street Art and Graffiti: Hope Full, Hope Less, Hope Well

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Discover the hidden heart of contemporary Thailand through 140 images of abandoned ghost towers, hidden canals and the doomed Hopewell site + interviews with Bangkok’s graffiti writers and street artists as they tell of dictatorship’s cost, development’s fallout and the impact of corruption on a nation balancing between global forces and local traditions.

“This sharp-eyed survey of Bangkok's kaleidoscopic graffiti, street art and Four Kings tagging exposes the city's unofficial social and urban history, its decay and corruption.” — Kong Rithdee, Writer and translator

“Rupert Mann’s enlightening commentaries, curated photographs and artist interviews provide a fascinating cut into the multi-leveled strata of Bangkok, following fault lines revealed through the artful markings bleeding from its concrete.” — Nicolas Verstappen, author of The Art of Thai Comics

24 x 17cm, 256 pages, 140 color photographs, Softcover, February 2022.

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