Art and Its Worlds: Exhibitions, Institutions and Art Becoming Public

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Art and its Worlds offers a possible history of art since 1989 told through the moments when art becomes public. The anthology addresses some of the myriad worlds conjured by art and the telling of their histories. It is guided by three questions: What is the ‘global’ for art and exhibition-making, or why has it been what it has? How have agents including artists and curators experimented with different forms of exhibition? And how do these exhibitionary moments connect to longer-term and institutional trajectories?

Key texts previously published in Afterall journal appear alongside newly commissioned essays, artist contributions, conversations and translations, exploring exhibition as a material, embodied and political practice, while inviting a new location for past art and bringing it into the present for what is to come.

Contributors include: Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, Miguel A. López, Eddie Chambers, Francesca Recchia, Pablo Lafuente, Philippe Pirotte, Ntone Edjabe, Clémentine Deliss, Khwezi Gule, Charles Gaines, David Teh, Ekaterina Degot, Ana Teixeira Pinto, María Berríos, Mujeres Creando, Comunitario del Valle de Xico, Tonika Sealy Thompson and Stefano Harney.

428 pages, Softcover, October 2021.

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