Rimowa: An Archive, Since 1898

Rimowa: An Archive, Since 1898

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Over a 100 years of travel essentials by the collectible luxury luggage brand RIMOWA, whose signature aluminum cases have forever entered the contemporary design lexicon.

Since its beginnings in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, RIMOWA has been at the forefront of innovation, with a heritage marked by crafting the highest quality luggage for voyagers of every era. Throughout the twentieth century and into the present day, RIMOWA has always met revolutions in transportation with a pragmatic, industrial, and resolutely modern approach. From locomotives and steamships of the past to today's jetliners and beyond, its expertly engineered cases combine a distinctly streamlined design with technical prowess. With this rich history, coupled with recent collaborations with contemporary cult brands such as Supreme, Dior, Off-White, Porsche, and Fendi, the storied house's wares have built a reputation as coveted items for the discerning, purposeful traveler.

This new volume spotlights a selection of the most iconic pieces from RIMOWA's archives via captivating, never-before-published photographs exclusively shot for this publication, enriched with illustrations and other vintage brand material. From early turn-of-the-century trunks and leather luggage and the pioneering invention of the first lightweight aluminum suitcase in 1937, to the iconic 1950 grooved design inspired by the fuselage of classic aircrafts, rarefied imagery pays homage to the emblematic fixtures of RIMOWA's past and present, and with it the history of more than a century of travel.

Crafted in Italy and printed on the finest European papers, this oversize tome serves as an ode to RIMOWA's thirst for innovation and functional approach to modern luxury.\

3.30 cms H x 35.31 cms L x 27.18 cms W, 270 pages, Hardcover, November 2020.

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