Mandalas: Mapping the Buddhist Art of Tibet

Mandalas: Mapping the Buddhist Art of Tibet

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Exploring the significance of Tibetan mandalas from their ancient origins to the present day, this gorgeously illustrated volume provides a contemporary perspective on a centuries-old Buddhist model of the universe
A mandala is a diagram of the universe—a map of reality intended to provide a focus for Buddhist religious practice and inspire the devout. This book highlights the distinctive Tibetan approach to creating mandalas, exploring how it crossed over from India into Tibet, and how continuous exchanges of art and ideas between the two cultures, led by monks and spiritual teachers, gave rise to a uniquely Tibetan style of Buddhist imagery. Featuring more than 100 paintings, sculptures, and ritual objects—from vajra daggers and jewelry to illuminated manuscripts and ceremonial masks—this superbly illustrated volume reflects the dazzling complexities of the Tibetan imagery that has provided a foundation for mandalas through the centuries. Most notably, a mesmerizing installation by the Tibetan-American artist Tenzing Rigdol (b. 1982), specially created for the accompanying exhibition and published here for the first time, offers contemporary audiences a way of interrogating and understanding their world and underscores how this centuries-old tradition remains a vibrant living practice.

24 x 27 cm (9.50 x 10.70 in), 256 Pages, 175 color illus., Softcover, October 2024.

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