Persephone's Choice

Persephone's Choice

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What if the gods were condemned to immortality due to the continued storytelling by mortals? What if Hades met Persephone in contemporary Singapore? Would their story still arrive at its age-old conclusion?

As far as she knows, Sophie is an ordinary florist living an ordinary mortal life in Singapore while caring for an aged mother suffering from dementia. One day, a peculiar man with the same name as the ancient Greek god of the Underworld crashes into her life and falls heavier and heavier in her debt. Sophie tries to help him recover from amnesia and get back on his feet, while in the meantime, arranging for him to work for room and board at her flower shop. As time goes by, she grows accustomed to his company. She becomes unsure if she actually wants him to quickly pay off his debt and step out of her life just as abruptly as he had arrived...

Absurd, comedic, and tender at the same time, this whimsical variation of the classic Greek myth will not fail to amuse and delight.


: 1.27 cms H x 19.56 cms L x 12.95 cms W, 224 pages, Softcover, April 2022.

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