Leggy Stunnerz

  • 2,300.00 ฿

Leggy Stunnerz is an exciting collaborative project between contemporary artist Jock Mooney and animator/film maker Alasdair Brotherston. Painstakingly screenprinted in a limited edition of 50 on 280g BFK Rives tan coloured paper this concertina book opens out to a full length of 1.4 metres. It’s folded down and secured with a neon pink belly band which is signed and numbered by the artists and embossed with the Nobrow Small Press seal. The work shows a carnival like procession of characters all with added legs. Even the crocodile with legs has extra legs! Jock & Alasdair irreverently and playfully depict voodoo idols, Orthodox Christian icons and intertwine them seamlessly with throw away pop culture motifs. The concertina format allows for a narrative dialogue that literally unfolds in front of your very eyes, building from quiet mumblings to gross, all-out, moaning rumblings and feverish shreikings! Chase down a copy of this art piece right now damn it!

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