• 1,100.00 ฿

Dimensions: 219 x 310mm | Extent: 122pp | Colours: Spot Print | Format: Perfect Bound

Berlin collective Édition Biografiktion make their UK publishing debut with this irreverent collection of skewed celebrity profiles and bold illustration work.

The scene – Paramount Studios, Hollywood: watching footage of his latest movie, The One, Eddie Murphy immediately falls obsessively in love with his leading lady. Unfortunately for the actor-slash-comedian, Lashandra is being played by Murphy himself. Realising this onscreen romance can never be, he descends into an inconsolable world of depression. Slowly driven insane by grief, Eddie begins to receive hallucinogenic visits from his laundry list of alter-ego.

Just one of three strange stories starring Murphy – Ana Albero, Till Hafenbrak and Paul Paetzel blur the boundaries between truth and fiction as they take turns telling tall tales. A deluxe compendium of comics from their cult Biografiktion publication, these skits ridicule and celebrate the culture of celebrity in equal measure; each one as insane as it is hilarious.

Édition Biografiktion formed when Ana, Till and Paul met at Berlin’s University of the Arts. Ana (born in Alicante, Spain) works globally as a freelance illustrator and won a merit from 3×3 Magazine in 2010. Till is an illustrator who works with strong and contrasting colours. Paul lives and works as a freelance Illustrator in Berlin; his works have been published in international anthologies such as ku !, Plus Plus, Nobrow, Blutt, Crachoir, Gang Bang Bong and Orang. They have been self-publishing as a collective since 2008 and in November 2011 brought their work to the UK via their Pizzafiktion exhibition in London.

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