Annette Kierulf & Caroline Kierulf: To Make a World

Annette Kierulf & Caroline Kierulf: To Make a World

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The first monograph on the Norwegian sisters practicing "woodcut as cultural critique"

Since the mid-1990s, Norwegian sisters Annette (born 1964) and Caroline Kierulf (born 1968) have practiced what they refer to as "woodcut as cultural critique" in the form of colorfully printed woodcut surfaces. Drawing on the medium's rich history as a means of communication and protest, the sisters strive to revive woodcut as a discursive tool. With subtle humor, they maximize the visual reductiveness of the low-tech medium to critically reflect on the various changes shaping our high-tech societies. As they source self-carved and meticulously puzzled large woodcut formats, their works are printed in very limited editions.
Embedded with references from pop culture and folk art, Caroline Kierulf's work explores the often overlooked aspects of everyday life; Annette Kierulf, alternatively, focuses on a feminist reinterpretation of the landscape genre. This publication provides insights into their individual working methods and their collaborative project.


3.56 cms H x 31.24 cms L x 25.4 cms W, 256 pages, Hardcover, March 2023.

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