Nika Zupanc: Breaking the Rules

Nika Zupanc: Breaking the Rules

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The first international publication dedicated to Nika Zupanc, globally recognized as one of the world's best product and interior designers and also a style icon.


Product and interior designer Nika Zupanc became a globally recognized name with the launch of the Lolita lamp. Zupanc works as an independent designer and is constantly involved in fresh projects that grow out of distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design, and the available technological options.


Born in Slovenia, the designer pours poetic disruption into the world of contemporary design. Her products and interior design projects challenge the rational, traditional, sober, and utilitarian by giving voice to the spontaneous, eclectic, and intimate. Her style has been described as "punk elegance" by Elle and "techno chic" Businessweek, and Zupanc has been crowned as a "real star" by the Wall Street Journal.


2.79 cms H x 30.4 cms L x 24.41 cms W, 240 pages, Hardcover, October 2022.

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