In Search of Elsewhere: Unseen Images

In Search of Elsewhere: Unseen Images

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A unique collection of previously unseen images spanning Steve McCurry's extraordinary career.


Steve McCurry is known for creating some of the most iconic images of recent times and in this new collection, he shares previously unseen photographs from his incredibly rich archive. In Search of Elsewhere takes us across the globe and offers new perspectives on many of the locations that the photographer has already made famous - from India, Myanmar and Cuba, to Kashmir and the white-washed temples of the Himalayas. Each image is reproduced at large format and in remarkable detail and this new compilation reveals the incredible depth of his work.


I compare photography to food, air, and sleep... this creative energy, this impulse, is what gives us purpose, pleasure, joy, happiness and love. Steve McCurry



 2.54 cms H x 38.35 cms L x 27.18 cms W, 208 pages, Hardcover, November 2020.

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