VERY THAI by Philip Cornwel-Smith (2nd Edition Expanded & Fully Updated New Photographs) by

VERY THAI by Philip Cornwel-Smith (2nd Edition Expanded & Fully Updated New Photographs) by

  • 995.00 ฿

VERY THAI: NEW 2nd Edition – expanded & fully updated

209 new photos 64 more pages 4 extra chapters

• The influential, best-selling guide to Thai pop and streetlife

• Totally revised to reflect the dramatic changes in Thailand

• New coverage of Vernacular Design, Contemporary Thainess, and the rise of ‘Thai Thai’ retro culture

‘A thrilling, trail-blazing book that will help you see and understand Thailand afresh… A work of astounding breadth and erudition... Has few, if any, English-language equals.’ — Bangkok Post

‘Encyclopedic in scope, Very Thai is an unapologetic celebration of both the exotic and the everyday.’ — Andrew Marshall, Time Magazine

‘Equally fun and authoritative on subjects as diverse as bulletproof tattoos, hi-so hairdos, folk music and soap operas.’ — The Australian

‘With a wit that suits the Thai spirit, it explains with delicateness things that Thais regard as indelicate. An important source that reflects modern Thai consciousness.’ — Pracha Suveeranont, Matichon Weekly

‘It is truly so much better than any other guide.’ — The Nation

‘Required reading for visitors, residents and anyone anywhere interested in what makes Thailand tick.’ — Asian Wall Street Journal

Philip Cornwel-Smith, a British writer and photographer, focuses on culture in Southeast Asia. Born in England, he has lived in Bangkok since 1994, and was founding editor of its first listings magazine, ‘Metro’. He is author/editor of ‘Time Out Bangkok’, and has also writen for ‘Thailand: A Traveller’s Companion’, ‘Eyewitness Thailand’ and various international media. Philip is a frequent interviewee on TV and his photography has been on large-scale exhibition.

John C Goss, a US artist and photographer, travels between Asia and Palm Springs. His works have been exhibited worldwide, including at the Whitney Museum, Hirschorn Museum, Walker Arts Center, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre, and the National Gallery of Canada. John has designed effects for Disney theme parks, Expo pavilions and shows by Neil Diamond and George Michael.

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