Triassic Terrors

  • 550.00 ฿

Dimensions: 245 × 320mm | Extent: 32pp | Format: Paperback, rounded corners, gloss varnish and embossed cover | Ages: 7 – 11 |

Triassic Terrors introduces the fascinating period of life on earth when tiny dinosaurs fell prey to giant crocodile-like creatures called Pseudosuchians.In this era of diminutive dinos, the land, seas and skies were inhabited by a host of strange prehistoric creatures. Many of creatures of the Trisassic period were predecessors to the lumbering giants of the Jurassic and some were never seen again! This was the first true age of the dinosaurs, so get out your tools, dig in and discover Triassic Terrors!

Triassic Terrors is an activity book brimming with the terrifying reptiles of an amazing period. Beautifully rendered drawings, engrossing puzzles and fact-filled pages provide more than enough to keep any dinosaur-obsessed child or adult occupied! First in a series of activity books covering the different eras of dinosaur life on our planet.

Nick Crumpton is a zoologist at the University of Cambridge and devourer of art comics. After studying ecology and then palaeobiology at Leeds and Bristol he now spends his days trying to understand the behaviour of extinct animals by researching living ones.  Although his animals of choice are mammals (he has an inordinate fondness for tenrecs) he pretty much loves anything else that moves – or moved. His favourite dinosaurs are blue tits.

Isaac Lenkiewicz is an illustrator and comic artist. He spends most of his time drawing things. A lot of giants, moon men and creatures that lived hundreds of millions of years ago pop up in his work. He self publishes a lot of his own comics and he’s always working on new characters and stories. If he didn’t draw for a living, he would like to be a pet detective.

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