Tokyo Shores: 36 Views from the Other Side by Mark Robinson

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Not a conventional photobook. Lightweight gloss paper, stapled binding, easy to leaf through. Stays open. No overproduction but much thought in design, text, translation. The eight bilingual essays do not describe the pictures. The reader may drift into a separate and atmospheric world, between the images and words. Like the faded neighbourhoods depicted, flow between outside and inside.

Tokyo Shores: 36 Views from the Other Side Produced to accompany the exhibition at Tamanoi Cafe, Higashimukojima Tokyo, June 11 to July 12, 2021.

Photographs and text Mark Robinson 

From a reader: “Wow, I really like that book of photos and stories. The first thing I did a couple of weeks ago was look at the pictures. After another week I started reading the stories or would we call them vignettes. Finally today I really began to see the whole thing as a wonderful work of art. Did I thank you for sending it to me. If not, I should have.

What a ‘lonely’ man Mr. Robinson is. I suppose that’s why I like him. Lonely in his travels. Seems to wander all over the place. Really liking those big open spaces with the canals or rivers crossed by big bridges with cars and trucks speeding away like mice. Then there’s also that dynamic of 2 children looking away from each other. Everybody in their own world. Also machine “wreckers” working solo taking down the old architecture that the author really loves. One of my favorite images is the amusement ride. Not the rollercoaster, but the circular device with kids looking forward with hair going backward. Where do they have an amusement park like this. So close to the street.

The written blurbs are great. Captured in a way so uncomplicated and simple. Always a little bit of a  mystery. Who is that lady who thinks the pasta is just OK? Very Japanese. Where oh where did Mark Robinson come from?…"

56pp, fully illustrated in color, Film panorama, 35mm and digital photographs, eight essays, Softcover, B5, June 2021. All bilingual (English/Japanese).

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