Tina Berning: Regards

Tina Berning: Regards

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Impressionistic explorations of human grace from the leading illustrator featured in the New York Times, Vogue and on Google Doodle

The celebrated German artist and illustrator Tina Berning (born 1969) creates visual stories in her impressionistic portraits. Those who allow themselves to be captivated by the fine lines and vibrant color nuances of her work will discover a deeper world behind the faces in which all that is human is expressed: sadness, pain, disillusion, happiness, love and hope. In mediums including ink, pencil, acrylic and crayon on paper, Berning's work concerns, in her words, an ongoing "exploration of grace."
Berning's award-winning work is regularly shown in renowned galleries worldwide and has been featured in publications including the New York Times, Playboy, Vogue, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Architectural Digest, as well as on Google Doodle. Regards is the most extensive monograph on this exceptional artist.


 280 pages, Hardcover, June 2023.

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