The Home by B Magazine [English Edition]

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Home Office / Suburban Life / Private Sanctuary / Simple Living / Gathering Place

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more interested in their own homes and the way the spaces are changing with the increased amount of time we spend at home. As seen by the title, THE HOME deals with people and the home. We believe that reflecting on the building blocks of life is of paramount importance—especially in times of difficulty—and that this foundation begins in the home. We took a break from visiting scenes showcasing one single brand to focus on the individual spaces where our homes are part of the expression of our lives leave behind myriad stories.

THE HOME  focuses on homes that shows a distinct attitude of the owner on the way he or she views the space rather than just style, size, or structure. We also categorized the homes with similar characteristics. For example, a person that lives and works from home is found under ‘Home Office’ while someone who chooses to live in a suburban area that prefers freedom over convenience would be categorized as ‘Rural Life’. Starting with our short interview with Suyong Joh, Magazine B’s editorial team met with numerous creators all over the world to hear their opinion on the meaning and purpose of home and how homes can be so much more than the typical house we experience in our daily lives. What does your home mean to you, and what meaning will it take on in the future? We hope THE HOME  invites you to consider this question with a fresh perspective.

Preface: A conversation between Magazine B’s Editor-in-Chief Eunsung Park and publisher Suyong Joh

“I have a great deal of affection for spaces, and I’ve always said that spaces are deeply associated with the nature of humans. Physical spaces will always remain a crucial part of the human experience, even though the world becomes increasingly digital. And this is especially true for the home. Home décor to make a space more comfortable was considered opulent in the old days, but these views have long since been retired. While experiencing a number of homes, I’ve witnessed that the more people love their homes, the more satisfied they are with life. I often think that that may be part of the answer to the question of why we are alive.” -Suyong Joh 

17 x 24cm, 243 pages, Softcover, 2021

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