The Wonderful Egg

  • 790.00 ฿

Dimensions: 255 × 197mm | Extent: 48pp | Format: Hardback, dust-jacketed  | Colour: 4 spot colour | Ages: 5 – 7

Long, long ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, one wonderful egg sat all alone in a blue-green mossy nest at the base of a giant fern tree.

But whose egg was it? And where did it come from?

Dahlov Ipcar takes us back to a prehistoric world, teeming with creatures that soar, swim and thunder through the green jungle world.

The Wonderful Egg was first printed in 1958 using a hand-picked colour palette and traditional printing techniques. As Dahlov’s original lithographic plates were lost many years ago, Flying Eye Books has worked to faithfully restore and reproduce the quality of the original art. Using modern techniques, our restorers have painstakingly picked out the layers of spot colour and remastered each brush stroke while keeping the integrity of the line.

The Wonderful Egg has been brought back by Flying Eye Books for a new generation of children to delight in once more!

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