The Picasso Connection: The Artist and His Gallerist

The Picasso Connection: The Artist and His Gallerist

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How a German art dealer ensured the museum acquisition and dissemination of Picasso's prints in the postwar years

How does any given body of work wind up in major collections, museums and exhibitions? Very often, it is because of the unsung efforts of individuals who advocate for the work in the face of conservatism and criticism. In Picasso's case, this role in Germany fell to the Bremen art dealer Michael Hertz. It was Hertz's commitment in the postwar period that resulted in the widespread acquisition of the artist by museums after World War II. In particular, Hertz's work on behalf of Picasso greatly benefited Kunsthalle Bremen, which has one of the most extensive collections of the artist's prints.


The Picasso Connection brings together outstanding printworks by Picasso, ranging from lithographs and linocuts to book illustrations. Picasso's print oeuvre, as represented here, exemplifies the triumph of the affordable medium in postwar Germany, as well as Hertz's strong commitment.



 2.79 cms H x 26.92 cms L x 22.86 cms W, 224 pages, Hardcover, February 2021.

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