The New Beauty: A Modern Look at Beauty, Culture, and Fashion

The New Beauty: A Modern Look at Beauty, Culture, and Fashion

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In recent years, the beauty industry has shifted the conversation towards the individual in a way it hasn't done before. While people, and women in particular, have historically been enticed into this industry to achieve rather rigid ideals set by society, the current conversations brands and consumers are establishing embrace individuality and celebrate identity. From using makeup as a means to challenge gender, to the link between hairstyling and community-building, or the rituals of skincare as a form of self-care, we are rediscovering beauty as a way of defining who we are and what we value. Modern Beauty explores this shift from historical, scientific and journalistic perspectives, in a title that will not only appeal to industry insiders, but also to all those readers with an interest in feeling well in their own skin - and letting the world know. What to expect: - A contemporary look at the universe of beauty, as told by New York Times wellness and beauty writer Kari Molvar. - A relevant insight for those linked to the beauty industry, which is in a moment of transformation, as concepts such as wellness, feminism and inclusivity become equally important. - An exploration that goes beyond the superficial and presents beauty from historical, scientific and journalistic perspectives. Partner Bio: Kari Molvar, writer of Be Well. She is an American beauty and lifestyle journalist who contributes regularly to The New York Times, Vogue and The Wall Street Journal.


: 2.39 cms H x 26.39 cms L x 21.59 cms W, 256 pages, Hardcover, July 2021.

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