The Mercedes-Benz: 300 SL Book (Revised 70 Years Anniversary)

The Mercedes-Benz: 300 SL Book (Revised 70 Years Anniversary)

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The completely revised bestseller by René Staud and Jürgen Lewandowski in a 70th Anniversary Edition- An inspiring and must-have treasure trove for all fans of the sports car of the century- Photographer René Staud and author Jürgen Lewandowski are synonymous with expertize of the highest caliber when it comes to automobilesThis iconic sports car, from the first Mercedes 300 SL to its latest successors, proves that technology can indeed evolve into art. And who better to showcase this procession of pioneering automobiles than René Staud, whose striking photographs will captivate any enthusiast. This book, based on Staud's successful calendars, is an ode to an extraordinary vehicle whose spell stars such as Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock have all fallen under. The elaborately orchestrated pictures show sleek curves and precision in every detail, conveying the passion for this breathtaking automobile. A photographic tribute to the "sports car of the century", covering the 70-year history of the 300 SL racing car models from 1952 to the latest SL generation.Text in English, German, and French.
2.79 cms H x 34.39 cms L x 27.99 cms W, 256 pages, Hardcover, May 2022.

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