The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design by Alex Russell

The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design by Alex Russell

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The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design explores contemporary practice in printed textile design. It outlines the process of creating designs, looking at the vital role played by drawing, colour, style and content. It also analyses how to contextualise and communicate effectively in order to build a professional portfolio, whether through traditional design staples or via a more original approach. It examines the positions occupied by designers in the industry, and the technical and ethical considerations of which they must be aware.

In order to design effectively, print and pattern practitioners need to understand not only how the industry works but must also consider the cultural and economic factors that can shape what future clients or consumers will require. This book suggests strategies for developing an understanding of these contexts within and beyond the fashion and textiles industry to provide an innovative resource for the designers of today and tomorrow.

Alex Russell is a designer and graphic artist, creating beautiful, innovative pattern designs and artworks for an extensive range of uses including interiors, home, fashion, lifestyle and giftware. He has built an international client list over more than 25 years of professional experience; his work is featured widely in books and magazines about pattern and print. His studio is based in Manchester, UK.

7.5 x 9", 208 pages, softcover, May 2019.

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