The Front Room: Diaspora Migrant Aesthetics in the Home

The Front Room: Diaspora Migrant Aesthetics in the Home

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The Front Room: Diaspora Migrant Aesthetics in the Home, originally published in 2009, has become a beloved and much-praised source, providing fascinating revelations into the post-war British experience of immigrants, the decoration of their living spaces, and their position in society in relation to decolonisation. The 'front room' (emanating from the Victorian parlour) provides an outlet to respond to the feelings of displacement, exile, and alienation, and the rebuilding of a home in a strange land. Primarily concerned with Caribbean homes, The Front Room also looks at Moroccan, Surinamese, Antillean, and Indonesian migrant groups in Holland--encompassing, through texts, archival documents, and artistic photographs, the important cultural markers that are expressed through the domestic interiors of migrants. The author examines how this intimate space within the home raises issues of class, race, migration, aspiration, religion, family, gender, identity, and alienation. He also looks at the transition from the colonial post-colonial modernity by placing the book in the context of his own family's migrant experience.


160 pages, Softcover, May 2023.

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