Thai / Life / Style by Christopher Wise

  • 1,800.00 ฿

Thai / Life / Style is a limited edition photography book of images from my 20 years living in Thailand. I have chosen from two decades of life and work that show my connection to the creativity, conviviality, insouciance, improvisation and friendliness that makes Thailand so amazing.

Many of the images in the book are from magazine photography assignments. Many more are the outtakes, sidelong glances, things I noticed or caught my eye that I found compelling. This book not meant to be a “best of” collection from all the photographs I have taken of Thailand. It is a scrapbook for me and perhaps will also contain others’ shared memories and experiences. It is a glimpse of the style, colors, personality and ethos of the country and the way people live and enjoy life. The combination of images — the diptychs — link around color, form, gesture, allusion, clichés, contrasts and commentary, but most of all express the riot of sublime contradiction and vitality that makes the luminous whole.

24 x 16, 170 pages, fully illustrated in color, Hardcover, 2022.

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