Swedish Fika: Cakes, Rolls, Bread, Soups, and More by Milo Kalén

Swedish Fika: Cakes, Rolls, Bread, Soups, and More by Milo Kalén

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Elevate your coffee break to a true Swedish fika with these delightful recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, buns, breads, soups, and more! 

The Swedish tradition of Fika is a bit like British tea time, except that it features a great cup of coffee rather than tea and evokes feelings of a cozy cafe with a good book, a slice of moist almond cake, perhaps a cinnamon bun fresh out of the oven. Fika is a chance to take a break in the midst of a busy day to savor the sweet things in life. 

Milo Kalén shares the delights from her own Kaka på Kaka café in Sweden, offering a delightful collection of recipes for sweet and savory treats. Fika may be famous for its traditional baked goods, but Kalén also includes comforting lunch dishes such as Vegetable Gratin featuring roasted carrots, parsnips, and leeks smothered in grated cheddar and Tomato Soup with homemade dumplings. Find recipes including:

  • Jam Thumbprints, filled with a dollop of raspberry jam
  • Oat lace cookies, which are gorgeous stacked in a glass jar
  • Mazarin Cake with layers of grated almonds, raspberry jam, and short crust pastry
  • Butter Wreath made of cinnamon rolls shaped into a wreath and baked to a golden brown
  • Rye rings, which are a bit like bagels and delicious served with smoked salmon
  • Cauliflower soup, a smooth and creamy soup with a kick
  • Salad with chèvre and pan-fried plums
  • And more!

Pour a cup of coffee and flip through the sumptuous pages of Swedish Fika. The beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow recipes will inspire you to take more breaks to enjoy a homemade cookie, a slice of pie, or a bowl of comforting soup.


1.78 cms H x 23.57 cms L x 19.94 cms W, 128 pages, Hardcover, September 2021.

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