Sung Porcelain & Stoneware by Basil Gray

Sung Porcelain & Stoneware by Basil Gray

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The Sung Dynasty in China (960-1279) has parallels in western Europe of the 18th century.
It was an era of great sophistication in art and literature, of expansionism, of revolutionary innovations in agriculture and industry, and it was sporadically disrupted by cataclysmic violence. One of its chief glories was its porcelain. The subtle beauty of its glazes, colours, shapes and decoration, its technical virtuosity and its endless variety are breathtaking. They are also characteristic, as is the linking of change to continuity. Many Sung styles and techniques had their roots in the Tang period and many remained in evidence well into Yüan times. Basil Gray's important new study has been long awaited: it is the first monograph to tackle the subject in its entirety, taking into account the rich archaeological evidence recently obtained from kiln sites and elsewhere.



16.3cm x 25.5cm, 205 pages, Hardcover, 1984 (Condition: As New / Fine) 

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