Startup Guide Japan: Volume 1

Startup Guide Japan: Volume 1

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With a rapidly growing startup scene driven by collaborations between established corporations and startups, Japan's entrepreneurs are now seeking to solve the most complex social, economic and environmental challenges. Home to the world's third largest economy and a sophisticated market, Japan has become a launchpad for startups. According to a Nikkei Asian Review report, startup investment rose 150 percent between 2013 and 2017. Additionally, the country boasts a growing population of tech executives, students, and entrepreneurs intent on helping Japan compete with the likes of Silicon Valley and China. In 2019, StartupBlink ranked Tokyo as the 14th best startup ecosystem in the world. With a long history of industrial, cultural and academic assets, Kyoto has steadily increased its support for new entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Fukuoka's growing economy, reasonable cost of living, and high rate of new business creation - the highest of any Japanese city - have helped put it on the map. There's no doubt that Japan's startup scenes are shifting the culture's traditional views on entrepreneurship. Startup Guide Japan, our second country book, takes a detailed look at the startups, founders, programs, investors and schools which are tackling important issues related to sustainability and social impact. The guidebook also provides advice, in-depth interviews with key figures and valuable resources to help you navigate the country's startup ecosystems.

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