Space Race

  • 590.00 ฿

Dimensions: 234 × 141 mm  | Extent: 1360 mm unfurled | Colours: 4 | Format: Concertina | Series: Leporello

In another installment in our bestselling concertina series, Tom Clohosy Cole leads us through the defining moments of that tense, tumultuous, and exciting phase of the Cold War known as the Space Race.

A great tool for young historians and art lovers, Space Race covers the USSR’s early triumphs of space exploration on one side the USA’s race to the moon on the other, all in beautifully illustrated style.  Space Race is not just a stunning work of art though, as it includes an illustrated fact sheet detailing important breakthroughs in space travel on both sides of the Iron Curtain between 1957 and 1975, making it a fantastic tool for educators as well as a fun way for young historians to explore a defining period of the 20th Century.

Nobrow’s Leporello have become one of our most popular products, selling to all ages and demographics.  Their dual purpose as a book and as a frameable print have become a fun way for people to own great art affordably as well as enjoy fun and innovative narratives and educational content. Rise and Fall, our first in the series, is now in it’s second edition of 6,000 copies and as one of our best sellers has set the precedent for a very successful series.

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