Shell Art & Advertising

Shell Art & Advertising

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This beautifully designed and illustrated book explores in detail Shell's remarkable archive of pictorial advertising art from its origins up to the 1960's. Shell has a well-established reputation for this artistic heritage, particularly from its 1930's heyday, but this is the first publication to present and describe it comprehensively. Examinations of the historical, political, and social contexts of Shell art and advertising enable the authors to assess the work's broader cultural significance. By delving into the ways in which Shell's publicity was conceived, commissioned, produced, and disseminated, the particular contributions made by artists and designers are highlighted, while broader questions such as Shell's position within contemporary debates regarding the aesthetics and proper purpose of "Commercial Art" are explored. Drawing primarily on Shell's extensive poster collection, as well as other contemporary sources, Shell Art & Advertising provides valuable insights into the development of commercial art in the UK. Featuring a wealth of fascinating images, this original publication will appeal to a broad readership from fans of Modern British Art to cultural historians.


 2.29 cms H x 27.94 cms L x 25.4 cms W, 208 pages, Hardcover, January 2022.

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