She Plays to Win by Prabhleen Lamba

She Plays to Win by Prabhleen Lamba

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A recent Purdue University study showed that, in 2019, 95% of TV coverage, including highlights on sports networks, focused on men's sports. That doesn't leave much room for women, and female athletes are more than fed up with this inequality. One of those athletes, Prabhleen Kaur Lamba, decided to interview a number of top female athletes, and reflect on many other issues that female athletes face. In this breakout book, She Plays to Win, Lamba features three major focus points to address generations of issues by:

  • Researching the history of women's sports
  • Interviewing top female athletes
  • Projecting the future of women's sports, based on the progress already made

Lamba is an advocate for women's sports, equal pay and media coverage, and equal opportunities. She Plays to Win is the cumulative efforts of countless women throughout generations of struggle. If you, your daughter, or anyone you care for has a passion for sports, this book is a must-read to understand what roads have been paved, and what roads you can pave for future generations.


0.94 cms H x 21.59 cms L x 13.97 cms W, 174 pages, Softcover, August 2021.

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