Sean Scully: Song of the Colours

Sean Scully: Song of the Colours

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Paintings, sculptures and works on paper from the maestro of luminous abstraction

This homage to the Irish American painter, printmaker, sculptor and photographer Sean Scully (born 1945) celebrates his uniquely evocative color palette. Over the course of his career, Scully has developed a signature visual language composed of layered colors. In his famed large-format abstract paintings, for instance, pictorial compositions are strictly divided into vertical and horizontal stripes, while his application of color is gestural. Through these juxtaposing elements--geometric structure and painterly drama--Scully creates "walls of light," poetic walls of color generated by great physical force, both powerful and permeable.
Accompanying the exhibition at the Langen Foundation in Neuss, Germany, Song of the Colours features a range of Scully's paintings as well as lesser-known works, including works on paper from the late 1960s and monumental steel and iron sculptures of recent years.


1.4 cms H x 24.41 cms L x 17.4 cms W, 104 pages, Hardcover, June 2022.

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