Rosamunde Pilcher's Cornwall by Gill Knappett

Rosamunde Pilcher's Cornwall by Gill Knappett

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A beautifully illustrated guide to the Cornish locations that inspired Pilcher’s writing

Rosamunde Pilcher grew up near St Ives, publishing her first novel at the age of 25. Cornwall, in the very southwest of England, remained her long-standing inspiration, with most of her novels set in this wonderfully diverse landscape.
Her most famous novel, The Shell Seekers, catapulted Rosamunde to international fame and created a dedicated fan-base. From the elegance of the grand salons of Padstow’s Prideaux Place, to the wild and remote Cornish coastline, Rosamunde Pilcher captured in her novels Cornwall’s unique, diverse beauty and compelling charm.
This new Pitkin guide takes the reader on a tour of the key areas and places that inspired Pilcher’s writing, making her novels and short stories some of the most popular and cherished around the world and the subject of several television adaptations.


0.99 cms H x 23.60 cms L x 16.79 cms W, 32 pages, Softcover, March 2022.

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