Robert Doisneau: Paris: New Compact Edition

Robert Doisneau: Paris: New Compact Edition

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This seminal volume--produced in close collaboration with his estate--is the official, most comprehensive reference of Robert Doisneau's photographs of Paris.


Robert Doisneau infused images of daily life with poetic nuance. This unique portrait of Paris in 560 photographs is reissued in hardcover with red-tipped pages. This entrancing tour through the gardens of Paris, along the Seine, and among crowds of Parisians includes children scrambling to cross rue de Rivoli, fresh-faced accordionists, elegant dog walkers, brave resistance fighters, exuberant roller skaters, the indelible kiss in front of the Hôtel de Ville, and cyclists beneath the Eiffel Tower. The magic of Paris in black and white is timeless. Photographs curated by Doisneau's daughters and complemented by Doisneau's own commentary reveal his profound fascination with the city where he lived and worked.


400 pages, Hardcover, February 2023.

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