Robert Adams: Summer Nights, Walking

Robert Adams: Summer Nights, Walking

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A beloved Robert Adams photobook, now in an expanded edition

In the mid-1970s, Robert Adams (born 1937) began recording nocturnal scenes near his former home in Longmont, Colorado. Illuminated by moonlight and streetlamp, suburban houses, roads, sidewalks and fields seemed utterly transfigured. "What attracted me to the subjects at a new hour," observed Adams, "was the discovery then of a neglected peace."


Twenty-five years after first publishing a sequence of these pictures in 1985 as Summer Nights, he revisited his project, amending its title while completely resequencing and adding to its contents to create a more disquieting and thus more accurate reflection of his experience. Hailed as a new classic, Summer Nights, Walking went out of print soon after it was published in 2009. This sensitively expanded edition, printed with the same exquisite care as the original, makes this revered body of work available to a new audience.


80 pages, Hardcover, February 2023.

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