Real Life Rituals

Real Life Rituals

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The pivotal events of our lives go by largely uncelebrated: children pass into adulthood, two people become parents, a family moves to a new home. Karyl Huntley's Real Life Rituals is a hands-on guide that offers you ways to celebrate the significant moments and passages of life. Designed to be adapted for large groups or parties of one, Huntley's rituals include spiritually grounded ways to: Celebrate the birth of a child; Honor a school graduate; Bless a new home; Commemorate an anniversary; Enhance or release romantic relationships.

Real Life Rituals also provides celebrations for those special times of the year--solstices, equinox, and holidays--that have been acknowledged by people through the ages. Other rituals include: Blessing a New Home; Transitioning to a New Job; Welcoming a New Pet; Coming of Age for Girls and Boys; Blessing a Baby; Honoring a School Graduate; and Celebrating a First Driver's License, among others.

From the Author: Many of life's experiences are so profound that they are difficult to describe in words. These are the precise experiences you invite when you perform a ritual: you move yourself into change or unity, surrender or gratitude, in ways that are so powerful that they are beyond words. You experience true spirituality. Though not associated with any particular denomination or philosophy, the essential nature of ritual is sacred. The rituals in this book speak to the experiences that we all share just by being born on this earth. We share the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives. Built into these cycles are sacred lessons that you are here to experience--lessons of unity, creation, change, and release. The sacredness of a ritual allows your spirit to inhabit these lessons in a way that goes deeper than words; that is the blessing of ritual.