Rainbow Body by Loel Guinness

Rainbow Body by Loel Guinness

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Rainbow Body by Loel Guinness 

There is no better illustration of the radical transformative power of the ancient Tibetan contemplative teachings of Dzogchen than the extraordinary phenomenon of bodily disappearance or 'rainbow body', which is considered its ultimate fruit. In this groundbreaking study of rainbow body in the Bön tradition, which is the first of its kind in a western language, the neophyte reader is guided into the profound insights of Dzogchen, while all the components required to understand this most mysterious and enigmatic of phenomena are laid out gently and methodically. Illustrated by unique thangkas commissioned especially for this study, the book's emphasis is on clarity of exposition. Simple enough for the layman, but detailed enough to do justice to these ancient and subtle traditions, Rainbow Body serves both as an introduction to Dzogchen, and as a groundbreaking study, based on Tibetan textual sources, of its ultimate fruit. It is offered to the public in the hope that as many people as possible may benefit from the profundity of this ancient wisdom. For as Loel Guinness states in his preface, 'Dzogchen is not just for monks. It is as suitable for the businessman, the academic, the adventurer, or the practitioner. The insights of Dzogchen are relevant for all.'


Size :
260 × 340 mm  (10.2 × 13.4 in)
Pages : 304
Color :
fully illustrated in color
Binding : Hardcover
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