Rabih Hage: Quiet Architecture by Dominic Bradbury

Rabih Hage: Quiet Architecture by Dominic Bradbury

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Rabih Hage defines his work in terms of a "quiet architecture," a philosophy which focuses upon the creative re-use and adaptation of existing buildings, recognizing the importance of both sustainability and character within this ethos. His thoughtful and considered approach has brought a wide range of period houses and structures into the twenty-first century and carefully adapted them for modern living, as well as drawing deeply on the surrounding context for new build projects. The homes and spaces that Hage and his design team create, whether in town or country, are defined by luxurious finishes, materiality, and amenities. Hage draws on a rich range of architectural influences, from classicism to modernism, drawing out the individuality and personality of each and every space. Key to the success of Hage’s houses, apartments, and hotels is the way his atelier combines architecture, interiors, and furniture design within one holistic approach. The eye of a curator—informed by a rich personal heritage in Lebanon, France, and England—adds additional layers, with original and bespoke elements such as furniture, furnishings, and art designed specifically for the project at hand. Ranging from London townhouses to escapist farmhouses, this book provides a comprehensive survey of the atelier’s work. Beautifully illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings, and sketches, Hage discusses his process and the development of each of the projects with author Dominic Bradbury.


2.03 cms H x 27.69 cms L x 23.11 cms W, 160 pages, Hardcover, January 2019.

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