PHANTOM PARADISE: A Photographic Love (Hervé Guibert) by Hans Georg Berger /

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In more than 200 stirring portraits of French writer and photographer Hervé Guibert, Hans Georg Berger delivers a passionate homage to an author who in his books redefined the genres of fiction, criticism, autobiography, and memoir. Guibert died at the age of 36 of AIDS; Berger photographed him for almost 13 years. A singular and daring project of photography united both of them: exploring the limits of conventional notions of the portrait and self-portrait, and ultimately of authorship. With the sweeping radicalism of young artists, they set to a task which now this book reveals. It speaks of beauty, of gay love, of the experience of writing, of photography, of great cities and of a mysterious voyage to Egypt. It speaks of images of phantoms and of paradise.

Between the two young photographers, the complicity was such that Guibert asked: “Would they not be self-portraits? Hans Georg Berger makes me into the protagonist of a biography which he seems to invent, which at the same time is my own.”

With illuminating texts by Boris von Brauchitsch

ISBN: 978-1-932476-93-4

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Pages: 208 Illustrations: 200+ Hardcover


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