Patrick Caulfield (Tate British Artists)

Patrick Caulfield (Tate British Artists)

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Known for his iconic and vibrant paintings of modern life that reinvigorated traditional artistic genres such as the still life, Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005) drew his subject matter more from the masters of modern art, such as Braque and Gris, than from the consumer culture that preoccupied his fellow artists. Celebrating the artist's mastery of color and graphic elegance as well as his wit, this book offers the chance to reassess his influences and the legacy of his approach to painting, and its publication coincides with a survey of Caulfield's work at Tate Britain.
Caulfield favored a reductive, streamlined use of line and the depiction of everyday objects saturated in color. Introduced to screenprinting by Richard Hamilton and Chris Prater in 1964, Caulfield consistently used the medium for his graphic work thereafter. The deceptive simplicity of his images, perfectly matched by the aesthetic capacities of the process, is clear throughout the various phases of his printmaking career.

1.27 cms H x 24.89 cms L x 19.05 cms W, 104 pages, Hardcover, October 2013.

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