My Kitchen Out Of Eden’s : No. 6 A Feast of Enchantments

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My Kitchen Out Of Eden’s : No. 6 A Feast of Enchantments (includes a free My Paris supplement)

Out Of Eden’s magazine issue 6 : A Feast Of Enchantments. We believe that a feast can do without any occasion or even a someone to cherish with sometimes, and holidays season is coming - so, what we do here is getting acquainted with inspiring people and helping share their way of living. Kate Hill’s home and residency in Gascony. Food recipes and the flowers by the famous online content creators Aimee Twigger and Kreetta Järvenpää. An interview with Ivan Pericoli and Benoit Astier de Villatte of Paris. Essays and art features by Doreen Kilfeather, Gai Mitwichan Lai, Ronelle Pienaar Jenkin and Zoe Young. Fall in love with Paris through the city’s inspires’ point of view. Attaching our souvenirs : My Paris Out Of Eden’s

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