One Night, Far From Here

  • 950.00 ฿

Dimensions: 320 × 265 mm | Extent: 36 pp | Format: Hardback | Novelty | 5-7 years

A great addition to our new imprint, Flying Eye Books, this beautiful picture book cleverly combines printed acetate and paper pages to educate kids about the animal kingdom.

Julia Wauters is the illustrator of popular French children’s books The Legend of Father Christmas and My Little Old Man and is the co-founder of renowned illustration magazine Ecarquillettes. One Night, Far From Here is her debut for Flying Eye Books.

It’s night-time, a hush has descended and a handful of insects buzz around in the deep blue sky, but as the pages of this beautiful book turn, day breaks and the animals begin to stir.

This magical bestiary is peppered with transparent pages that magically reveal natural habitats from around the world and the incredible variety of beasts who live in them. Journey with Julia through the savannah, over the desert, into the jungle and deep down into the ocean.

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