Nostalgic Journeys: From the Orient Express to Ocean Liners

Nostalgic Journeys: From the Orient Express to Ocean Liners

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A unique cultural history of travel in the 19th and 20th centuries- Photographs certain to arouse feelings of nostalgia and a yearning for faraway places- Marvelous historical (celebrity) photographs to enjoy- Revised new edition in a handy formatThe seaside or the mountains? Today's most important vacation planning question never came up in days long past. Both seemed unappealing and nearly inaccessible. It wasn't until the invention of the railroad that previously sparsely visited and overlooked areas opened up, and Thomas Cook, the tour operator and founder of modern tourism, was born. Fishing villages became sophisticated seaside resorts, remote mountain areas became destinations for hiking and skiing enthusiasts, and inns became grand hotels. Nostalgic Journeys takes you on a journey back in time, through the last two centuries: Ride the Orient Express to the East, cross the Atlantic on huge ocean liners, travel Route 66 through the United States, and break the sound barrier aboard the Concorde. As you browse through the pages of this book, you will get the idea that traveling was, and can be, more than just being stuck in a traffic jam or passing through numerous security checks. It can be a stylish and sometimes adventurous way to explore the world and return home feeling transformed by your many and varied experiences. Bon Voyage! Text in English and German.


 2.54 cms H x 29.72 cms L x 23.88 cms W, 224 pages, Hardcover, May 2022.

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