Nicole Eisenman (Contemporary Painters)

Nicole Eisenman (Contemporary Painters)

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With a body of work that explores a broad spectrum of subjects--from lesbianism and feminism to contemporary politics and the natural world--Nicole Eisenman (b.1965) challenges convention and encourages viewers to construe meanings from images that demand interrogation and debate. Illustrating paintings spanning the early 1990s to the present day, Dan Cameron unpacks the complexities of Eisenman's oeuvre via thematic chapters that address key ideas which emerge when drawing specific works together. As such, this first major account of Eisenman's painting career presents a clear analysis of the primary motivators that have fuelled the imagination of one of the most interesting and original contemporary artists working today.


2.01 cms H x 28.6 cms L x 24.61 cms W, 144 pages, Hardcover, October 2021.

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