Cryptowriter Volume 1

Cryptowriter Volume 1

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Cryptowriter Volume 1 is a snapshot in time of 50 articles published in our Cryptowriter community between October and December 2020. Inside you'll find a diverse range of perspectives and opinions from cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. Join our crypto writers as they take you on a journey to explore the leading edge of a new frontier and what it means for you and the world we live in.

Cryptowriter lives on, a new blockchain-based social media platform where every user is a verified human.

In order to give readers an opportunity to engage with the content in Cryptowriter Volume 1, we've provided QR codes at the beginning of each article. These QR codes are linked to the original source of their respective articles, on After registering for Voice, you can view comments and join the conversation by scanning any of the QR codes with your mobile device.

1.65 cms H x 22.91 cms L x 15.19 cms W 310 pages, softcover, January 2021.


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